Perfect for fans of the epic NBC television event who want to relive the action with bonus materials and dive deeper into the birth of the Church!

About the books

A.D. The Bible Continues: The Revolution That Changed the World

When Pontius Pilate ordered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, he thought he was putting an end to the Jewish uprising that had been threatening the authority of the Roman Empire. What Pilate didn’t realize, however, was that the real revolution was just getting started.

Based on the epic NBC television event, A.D. The Bible Continues: The Revolution That Changed the World is a sweeping biblical narrative that brings the political intrigue, religious persecution, and emotional turmoil of the Book of Acts to life in stunning, vibrant detail.

Beginning with the crucifixion, New York Times bestselling author and Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah chronicles the tumultuous struggles of Christ’s disciples following the resurrection. From the brutal stoning of Stephen and Saul’s radical conversion, to the unyielding persecution of Peter and the relentless wrath of the Jewish authorities, Dr. Jeremiah paints a magnificent portrait of the political and religious upheaval that led to the formation of the early church.

Complete with helpful background information about the characters, culture, and traditions of the era, A.D. The Bible Continues: The Revolution That Changed the World is not only a riveting, action-packed read but also an illuminating exploration of one of the most significant chapters in world history.

Get ready to watch history unfold. The revolution has begun!

A.D. The Bible Continues: The Book of Acts

EXPLORE the incredible true story of the first followers of Jesus in A.D. The Bible Continues: The Book of Acts with popular Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah as your guide.

ENJOY stunning full-color photographs from the exotic locations where A.D. The Bible Continues was filmed.

SAVOR the spectacular moments created by Emmy
Award–winning executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, while you dive deeper into the biblical story that inspired the A.D. The Bible Continues television event.

A.D. The Book of Acts features: 
  • The story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, according to the Gospel of Luke
  • The entire Book of Acts in the easy-to-read New Living Translation
  • Twenty articles by Dr. David Jeremiah, highlighting the key players and themes in the Book of Acts, including Mary Magdalene, Peter, and Jesus

You’ll treasure this exquisite and inspirational keepsake.

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"Passion perseveres in spite of opposition. It sacrifices for what it believes." #ADBooks

About the author

Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah is founder and host of Turning Point radio and television ministries and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. Dr. Jeremiah is the author of numerous bestselling books, including What Are You Afraid Of?, Agents of the Apocalypse, Captured by Grace, and The Coming Economic Armageddon. Dr. David Jeremiah’s commitment to teaching the complete Word of God continues to make him a sought-after speaker and author.

"This is the story of the world’s greatest resistance movement, the Christian church." #ADBooks


Endorsements for A.D. The Bible Continues Companion Books

"We sought out one of America's best-known Bible teachers to write about the story behind A.D. The Bible Continues, and in this book, Dr. Jeremiah is at his absolute best."

Roma Downey & Mark Burnett

Endorsements for A.D. The Bible Continues television event on NBC

"Mark and Roma have delivered yet another tour de force to the small screen! This epic series brings all of the passion and dramatic story telling that audiences have grown to expect from this dynamic duo. 'A.D.' is 'must watch' television at its finest!"

Bishop TD Jakes

"A.D. shows us how a deep faith results in raw courage. The key players in this story--the earliest Christians, stunned by the brutal execution of Jesus, were pathfinders for today's believers. Their compelling story gives hope for the modern-day faithful, who face brutality and persecution simply for believing…even today."

Max Lucado, Pastor and Bestselling Author

"Today the Church of Jesus Christ is bigger and growing faster than any time in history. 'A.D.' tells the story of a small beginning that has changed the world."

Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals

"We so need the story of 'A.D.' We need to see with new clarity the powerful first days of the Church— remembering why this Church was created in the first place, anchored in the Bible’s living story, and inviting the powerful hopes and promises of the Gospel to come to life today."

Geof Morin, Executive Vice President, American Bible Society

"The Christian’s true calling is to lead people to know the authentic Christ, who demands the radical transformation we see in Acts." #ADBooks

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"Acts is one of the most gripping books of the Bible, filled with adventure, heroism, narrow escapes, and tragic deaths." #ADBooks

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